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Drawing by Lili Chin. doggiedrawings.net

Drawing by Lili Chin.

Please note that Capable Canines Ltd has been declared Dormat as we are no longer accepting clients.

We hope to return to dog training in the future. Until then, please consult the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK for a list of Trainers in your area. 


We are a dog training company that  specialises in delivering one to one Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) and Leash Skills lessons for reactive dogs and their humans in Surrey, Hampshire and parts of West Sussex.

All our lessons are force free, use reward based methods and are tailored to suit your dog no mater what breed, background or previous training experience.

To learn more about how we may help please see our dedicated BAT page.
To learn more about Head Trainer Claire Goyer please click here

Dog Training Events in Surrey

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Companies House Information
Capable Canines Ltd is a Private Limited Company registered in England and Wales. Company Registration No. 8449279.  Registered Office: 13A High Street, Haslemere Surrey. GU27 2HG.  This company is currently Dormat.