Capable Canines Ltd. is owned and run by Claire Goyer; a professional dog trainer, small animal nutritionist, and pet shop owner based in Haslemere, Surrey.

Photo by Susan McKeon

Photo by Susan McKeon

Claire started studying the fundamentals of training and behaviour during her Animal Management (Nutrition Distinction) HND course at Guildford College. After attending workshops, conferences, and seminars, she then began to assist Puppy, Junior and Rally-O classes at Wagtails Canine College, building up her practical teaching skills.

Claire began her BAT journey in 2011 when she acted as a ‘stooge’ handler during Grisha Stewart’s first seminar in the UK.  From there, she progressed to hosting seminars, and then became part of the BAT Team Leader Group assisting Grisha on BAT Instructor’s Courses in Germany and Portugal. Claire is also an on line assistant for the Empowered Animals  Webinar series, helping to answer questions during the live webcasts.

Claire received her CBATI designation in 2012 and is proud to be one of only a handful of qualified CBATIs in the UK. Claire is also a Professional Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Member No 82998.

Preferring to concentrate on private lessons rather than classes, Claire offers one to one BAT Assessments, Training Lessons, Walks and Sessions in the South Surrey area. Claire is also a lively and informative speaker, and is available to give 3 hour presentations on BAT 2.0, and Small Animal Nutrition topics.

Please click here to contact Claire today.


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