Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT)

BAT2.0-Flowchart-VERTICAL-243x300Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) is a force free method used to help modify dog reactivity by setting up safe situations where dogs can learn about people, other dogs or any other object or event which may trigger a stressful reaction.

These reactions may include lunging, barking, lead pulling, shaking or a combination of responses to scary things.

BAT empowers dogs to have the confidence not to react, but to control their situation by making the choice to use other, peaceful means.

BAT also empowers humans by giving you the tools you need to support your dog’s journey.  These skills include understanding Canine Body Language, Leash Skills, and Choice Support.

The following video shows what a BAT Session looks like from the human’s point of view.  Watch for the dog making the choice to engage and then disengage with the trigger (in this video the trigger is another dog), and how the handler supports this decision without letting the dog go into the deep end!

We make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of Behaviour Adjustment Training so that you can put them into practice and help your dog on his or her journey to a more peaceful life.

Interested? Click here to learn how to get started.


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