Initial BAT Assessment

Sometimes it can be hard to determine why dogs behave the way that they do. Quite often we end up applying labels to the behaviour which may not be true and may lead to the wrong method being used to try and modify that behaviour.

Photo by Susan McKeon

Photo by Susan McKeon.

We believe that animals (and humans!) do what works for them – full stop.  So if your dog has started to growl whenever you approach, chances are she has learned that this is the best way to get you to leave her alone.

It has nothing to do with dominance or being a bad dog, but has everything to do with putting into action what works.

Decoding why these things are taking place can often be tricky,  so that is why we conduct an Initial BAT Assessment.


The Assessment

Before you pick up the phone or pop us an email, please have your dog health checked by a Veterinarian in order to rule out any underlying medical conditions which may be at the root of the problem.

Once you are both satisfied that your dog is healthy, Contact us using this form, or ring us on 07557 529787 to inquire about our next available appointment.

Photo by Susan McKeon.

Photo by Susan McKeon.

Assessments last for approximately 1 hour during which time we will listen to your concerns and explain how BAT may be able to help your dog. Depending on the issue, we may go for a quick walk to assess how your dog reacts to his or her environment, as well as introduce you to BAT Leash Skills and explain the role of Balance and Choice Support when handling your dog.

We will leave you with lots of hand outs on Dog Communication, BAT Management Strategies, as well as information on how to join the various online BAT Support Forums.
Although we prefer that you have a think about BAT before committing to a series of sessions, you can go ahead and book at the end of the assessment.   We have various packages to suit all needs, or you can book on a session by session bases.

Availability & Cost

Initial BAT Assessments take place in your home and regular slots are available from Monday to Wednesday, 10AM to 4PM, and Monday to Friday 6PM – 7PM.

Cost: £60

Contact us for more information.


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