Services and Rates

Prices Valid as of April, 2014.
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Initial BAT Assessment/Private Dog Training Lesson

Photo by Susan McKeon

Photo by Susan McKeon

A two hour, private consultation during which we will discuss your dog’s training or  behaviour needs then together make a series of recommendations for going forward.  This lesson includes “Take Away Today” skills which may consist of Loose Leash Walking, Long Line Work, Introduction to Basic Clicker Training, or an Introduction to Basic Dog Communication Signals  as appropriate to your situation.

Ideal for rescue dogs, new to you dogs, as well as puppies or adult dogs who may find class situations stressful.

This initial consultation is a requirement before booking any further BAT Sessions.

£60 per 2 hour session.

Preview Image

Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) Assessment Walk

Ideal for dogs who only display signs of reactivity on or off  leash during walks. This is an assessment on the move  during which we will show you the walk from your dog’s point of view, discuss how to spot and calmly manage any potential environmental triggers,  practice the emergency “Mark and Move” protocol, and develop long line and loose lead walking skills.

£60 per 2 Hour Walk


Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) Sessions

30 min BAT set up where we put all of our skills to work supporting our dogs as they make their own (good!) choices.

£30 per BAT Session


£112 for 4 BAT Sessions


CBATI Mentor Programme 

Ideal for trainers/owners already using BAT but wish to improve their skills, or for those undertaking the CBATI certification and would like a mentor. Available all over the UK, and Europe with travel negotiable.

£50 per Hour

Preview Image

£200 per Day (10AM – 4PM)

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 Other Services 

Photo by Susan McKeon

Photo by Susan McKeon

Nutrition Consultation: £30 per ½ hour session via Skype/FaceTime. Please include your SkypeName or iphone number in the ‘Special Instructions’ box  so that we may add you to our list of contacts.

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